Monday, 26 January 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 9 Weeks, 2 days

I have a new symptom... Pregnancy Nose. I can smell a flea fart in the wind from 100 feet. I've always had a fantastic sense of smell but this is ridiculous. I can smell the exhaust of the car 20 metres in front of us when we are driving down the road.

The biggest issue has been the stench monster I call my dog, Theo. Before the nose developed, he was angling for a bath but this weekend, he started to sting my eyes. Cory was out visiting friends when I finally broke down and dragged him upstairs for a bath.

Now I have a few obstacles to overcome to complete this task... I have a dog that weighs too much for me to lift. I have a cast iron claw foot tub that he isn't graceful enough to jump into or out of. I have a dog who LOVES water when it is in a puddle, stream, lake or swamp but when water is contained in a bathtub something changes the molecular structure to make it a mortal enemy to all things furry.

So, being ingenious, I dragged my old army trunk into the bathroom and shoved it up to the bathtub. This gave a solid platform, almost level with the top of the tub. This resolves the lack of grace. I put on his leash, lifted his front feet onto the army trunk, held the leash tight and crawled into the tub (no water yet, I wasn't certain about my success and wanted to be eco-friendly).

Once in this position, Theo and I sat, staring at each other, unmoving for 30 minutes. Occasionally, I would call out... come here puppy, be a good puppy... all I get in response was "blink, blink". After 30 minutes, I declared defeat... told Theo "wait til your father gets home" and stomped out of the room.

Cory got home about 30 minutes later... a few moments of strong arming and grunting, Theo was in the tub covered in suds. Scrubbed from top to bottom with yummy smelling puppy shampoo... 4 towels to dry off... 2 hours to dry completely... 7lbs of loose hair removed....

Theo walked by me a few minutes ago... he still STINKS!!!!!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 9 Weeks, 0 days

The baby is now the size of a grape. We have been a sesame seed, a lentil, last week was a raspberry and now we are at grape... I thought that grape was the most abstract measurement of them all... grapes come in so many sizes.. concord through to champagne grapes.. big freakin difference. So, I've decided to settle on the size of red seedless grapes... green seedless seem to be too big.

This week was quasi-uneventful. I spent most of the week in bed due to a touch of the flu.. the biggest problem was the headache that felt like a ten inch spike embedded in my head every time I stood up. For the most part the headache is gone, but my head still remembers...

Because I slept so much, this became the week of inappropriate erotic dreams and chase nightmares. Both types had a level of horror to them.... ew.

I wake up frequently because my baby fingers and ring fingers have gone to sleep on me. So, I seem to be pinching my ulna nerve somehow. I must be putting pressure on my elbow while I'm sleeping... I've never been good at being conscious of my position when sleeping so this should be entertaining to try to change.

I cried this week for the first time since I found out I was pregnant... It was because of Grey's Anatomy but I have to say I felt so much better afterwards. Crying can be such a nice release. I tend to bottle up emotions and I forget to let them out later... I recommend a good therapeutic cry for everyone who has forgotten to do it lately.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 8 Weeks, 1 day

So this week was denial, I don't feel pregnant... I even found myself in the drug store looking at home pregnancy tests and considering buying one just to see if it has been a mistake.

I booked my appointment with my specialist this week. February 12 in Fredericton (hour drive away). I should be 12 weeks along at that point. My next prenatal clinic appointment is February 2 and we are going to do some screening blood work for all sorts of nasty things that can afflict a baby. I'm gonna concentrate on my denial instead of thinking about that...

I ordered a book on-line called "What to Expect when You are Expecting". Someone said it was a good book and someone else said it was a crap book... fortunately I got it super cheap cause it was used. If nothing else, it will give Cory something that he can highlight meaningful passages in... perhaps I'll find him a highlighter.

Can anyone recommend any good books?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 7 Weeks, 3 Days

So I don't feel pregnant... which leads to the question, what does it feel like to be pregnant? I've been all over the Internet looking for the answer to that question.

Every site says I should be having morning sickness... nothing yet. I should be on a raging hormonal roller coaster... in fact, I am feeling a little emotionally numb. I should be feeling tired... Ok, they score a point with that one. My breasts should be growing... another point to the Internet. My nipples should be darkening... careful examination, I am determining that if anything they are lighter.

My mother had 2 non-issue pregnancies (other than the overdue factor with both). She had no morning sickness. I've looked everywhere to see if daughters could compare pregnancies to their mother and the Internet came up with a blank.

I still expect spotting every time I go to the bathroom. I still have twinges and cramps. I occasionally think the test was a false positive.

My next prenatal appointment is February 2ND and my specialist appointment is February 12. So until then, I don't think any of this will be real.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Adventures in Fertility - The Continuing Story

Where were we last.... I think it was the dye test. Soon as the dye test was completed, I was free to start taking Clomid... simultaneously my life entered a period of upheaval.... new job, new house, new town... We made a decision that we could hold off on the Clomid until things settled down a little bit.

So in October I took my first round. Clomid was not covered by my medical plan so the one month cost me around $40 CDN. It contained 5 pills to be taken from day 3 of my cycle to day 7. The only noted side-effects for me was a feeling of heaviness in my uterus and a general awareness of my inner bits... I'm guessing they were in hibernation and it felt odd for them to start functioning again.

October didn't work so I took another round in November. December came along and so did my cycle. For a combination of reasons, I decided not to take a round in December. I knew the festive season would be accompanied by all sorts of things that are not good for an adult body much less a new person.

I remember thinking I may be ovulating sometime in December but I ignored it until my friend had her period and I realized that this was her second cycle since my last one.

So on December 29, I purchased a test and it was positive. Now I know that you aren't supposed to talk about it until the second trimester but in the spirit of the adventure in fertility, I feel it is appropriate. If I miscarry that, unfortunately is part of the adventure.

**** Anyone who knows me personally/professionally, I haven't told my Boss yet so keep it on the Down low****

So I am now 7 weeks pregnant today. I had my first prenatal appointment on Monday January 5. They gave me a due date of August 29. Because I'm over 36, I am considered a high risk in addition to previous miscarriages and fertility drugs. I have been referred to an OB who specializes in the baby. I have a referral to a Dietitian (Cory is very excited about that).

The changes in me... I have no morning sickness. Occasionally when I'm really really really hungry I feel a little queasy but nothing worthy of a soda cracker. I have increased from my modest B cup to a C cup. I'm tired... oooooh so very tired. Mentally, every time I go to the bathroom, I expect to find spotting. Every twinge I have in my lower belly I think is an ectopic pregnancy.

I'm happy and absolutely TERRIFIED and completely impatient. It doesn't seem real at this point and I want to move forward to make it seem real. So that's my latest adventure in Fertility... or should this be an Adventure in Pregnancy now?