Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Adventures in Moving - Continued

So... today... *sigh*....

Where to start... lets start with movers....

So the movers called. They had decided that it is against their policy to direct bill a company for a single move. I guess they only move the military because I don't know that many company's that do mass employee moves. My HR Manager called and well, she's so sweet and she wanted to know if she could give them a piece of my mind for me. She said that they had moved someone from Halifax a year ago and had a company that had no issue with invoicing. She looked up who it was and told me to call them.


I called and talked to the nicest lady. She checked to see if she could move us this week but when she couldn't due to bookings, she arranged for a load up on August 5 and she contacted the company to handle the billing. She used my previous quotes to guess the weight. She increased the weight guess and still came in under the previously quoted price. They provide more services for packing AND they provided me with free boxes after they closed for the day. I then got to call the other company and advise them that due to their billing practices we have chosen to go with another company, thank you for your time. *SNAP*

On the other hand, I called Rogers to see what was happening to my cell phone bill and was told that I was exceeding the minutes in my plan to the tune of $80 dollars. When I requested a rate plan change backdated to the beginning of the bill cycle to cover the usage, I was told that it was not possible. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that due to school being out their were no supervisors. I guess they must have all gone to summer camp or something. So after I sent my nasty email to Rogers, I took a grumpy break and read my book. Nothing like a nice murder book to take your mind off poor customer service. I can't wait to cancel with them and make them leave my live forever.

Everything is in place for the move with the exception of my house insurance. The insurance agent doesn't seem to have the same sense of urgency as I do, but I know that I have to have insurance in place for the closing so tomorrow she needs to have everything ready to go for Friday.

Still no RRSP deposit in my account. My HR access for my former employer is still active so they have not completed my resignation yet. So this means the RRSP's are still being held hostage.

Pretty much, I have a list of companies that I'm really not fond of right now.


No Rain... 5 lightning flashes. Still freakishly muggy. Where is that hose?

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Adventures in Moving - Continued

I have never been so hot in all my life... the heat and humidity will not give us a break. We have been praying for a nice thunder & lightning storm to break the heat. As I type, I can see lightning over the next town... I'm very excited that it's heading this way. Packing in this heat has been counter productive at best. I brought some boxes in from the car and almost drowned on the air.

Please do a rain dance or pray to the rain gods or come to my house and use a hose to make it seem like it is raining.

Our goals for this week is to be completely packed by end of Wednesday and then use Thursday for family, then hit the road around 7 AM Friday for Woodstock... 6 kitties in tow.... This I will video tape!!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Adventures in Moving

So today was a handful of a day...

For the move, I requested a closure of my RRSP account to cover closing costs and other stuff. I requested this to be done on July 14 and was told no worries, 5 days tops. Today the money still wasn't there. With the house closing only 5 days away, my blood pressure started the gradual rise. So I call the RRSP dudes to see what their damage was... It appears that they are stuck until they receive notification from my now former employer that I am not going to be doing any more contributions, once they have that.... 48 hours easy. My last contribution was July 11 and apparently this information has not be confirmed by my former employer.

So I call my former employer and get a fantastic call centre employee who tells me it could take another 2 weeks. I think my head popped off at that point. I called a friend who works in the HR department and she tells me it's could be up to 6 weeks. I think I confused her. But she did tell me that my resignation had not been processed yet.

So then I call NB Power to hook up service. After holding 30 minutes for an associate, they tell me that because I've never had service with NB Power before I will have to pay a deposit totaling $475 that has to be paid prior to hook up OR we can run credit check and see how you do... Run away... 2 more minutes of holding and no more deposit. Yay for good credit!

Then I call the lawyer, they haven't received the mortgage instructions yet. Kinda holding up the show a little bit.

Then I call the movers to book them... nothing available this week but we can load on August 5. Well seeing that I start my job on August 5, I won't be here for the loading. They think they will get the stuff to us in 5-18 days. So it looks like we will be camping in our new house for possibly the first week or two or almost three.

Then my mechanic called to say that the car is ready but he has not safety inspected it. The bill is $1275 and because he can't figure out why the ABS light is on he is not willing to put a sticker on it.

I swear my head has popped off. The sainted Mommy has come to the rescue once again. She is loaning me the closing costs. I called Visa and got an increase on my limit. My mechanic is going to be a proud owner of a post dated cheque. I am willing to camp for a few weeks. I called my mortgage dude and he sent the instructions to the lawyer.

And I'm a proud owner of the world's biggest stress headache!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Adventures in Leaving

Yesterday was my last day with my employer of 8 years. The work site is a secured environment so when you leave, you can't get back in. It was hard to leave a place that has been my second home for so many years and people who occupy such a special place in my heart. There were lots of tears and lots of hugs. I will miss them so much. They have promised to visit but I know how life goes... I hope to see a few of them.

My life is changing so fast that I don't think my feet have touched the ground yet... should be scary when it all sets in...

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Adventures in Firsts

Well, it's been a pretty eventful weekend. On Friday, we were approved for our very first mortgage. Saturday, we made the 5 hour drive to Woodstock to look at a house.

On a quick aside, we stayed at our first Bed and Breakfast, Brigitte's Bed and Breakfast. We did not know what to expect and this place exceeded our expectations. This was their information at the time of our visit.

  • Pricing per night from $55 to $69 CDN
  • Located halfway between Woodstock and Hartland in the St. John Valley, we have a panoramic view from our large sundeck. ( NEAR FROM HOSPITAL)
  • Two golf course. Longest covered bridge and other local tourist attractions with 10 minutes' drive.
  • We offer 5 newly decorated rooms, a large family room with large screen TV, satellite, pool table, dartboard, exercise equipment and snack bar.
  • We have a new 24' above ground pool with deck offering a relaxing end of day dip while enjoying the scenic view.
  • Our 'last all day' breakfast has drawn rave reviews from our guests so far and will continue to be a delicious start to your day.
  • Weekly & monthly special rate. (Special rate for family who have someone at the hospital. )
  • We offer two bathrooms. We speak french

If you find yourself in Woodstock, NB, I am highly recommending staying with Brigitte and David. They also have the world's sweetest kitty who may abandon her family to spend time with you.

So back to my story... Sunday, We looked at our first house, we made our first offer and now we are closing on August the first! It's a bit of a whirlwind. I don't think it has sunk in yet that in 13 days we will be moving into our first house. It's a big place with lots of room for the kitties and.. maybe children.

Sometimes, I forget to breathe.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Adventures in Employment, Moving, Mortgages, Construction....

I used to say I was busier than a one arm paper hanger in a paper factory. Apparently I really didn't know what busy was...

Here's a quick run down of my week so far...

My apartment bathroom is getting a new ceramic floor. On the surface this doesn't sound tramatic but.... my apartment only has one toilet. The process requires my toilet to be lifted and placed in my tub for 3 DAYS. My landlady has provided us with an empty apartment 2 floors above us. So everytime we need to go to the bathroom, we have 2 flights of stairs to conquer first. I successful had a bathroom break on a commercial last night (So you think you can dance was on) but I was a little winded when I got back.

We are packing. Still haven't found a way to pack the 4 foot smurf but everything else is going away quickly.

I applied for a mortgage. I hate the waiting game. We found a house in Woodstock that we love and tried to rent it but the owner needs to sell. She says that she could close Aug 1. Fingers crossed. If we get approval, we will have to take the 5 hour drive up to make sure the house is as perfect as we think it is. And of course that is going to make a billion more appointments.

I've had my last doctors appointment with my current doctor. She gave me a years worth of my perscriptions and a years worth of lectures (given out of love). I'm going to miss my doctor. I've been with her since she got out of medical school. Cory has his last appointment with his doctor today

We both have a dentist appointment today for our cleanings.

We have another moving company coming in for another quote for the move.

The car is going in for repair and safety inspection on Monday. Hopefully it won't have to have a sleep over.

Next week, I need to train my replacement at work, hopefully go for a trip to Woodstock and look at real estate. Have lunch and dinners with a ton of people both co-workers and families. I wish I just had so much more time....

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Adventures in Employment

Well, I've been a very bad blogger lately. Apologies to all!! But I have news... not as exciting as Jen of Nunavut's news but still very exciting.

I have a new job. I have given my notice at my current employer... my last day there will be July 25. My new job is in Woodstock, New Brunswick (about 5 hours drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia). It's been a pretty exciting process.

The job posting closed on May 20. Around the beginning of June, I had a phone interview with the HR manager. A week later I had a phone interview with 5 managers... a few weeks after that, they invited me up (all expense paid) to have a meet and greet. And Friday they offered me more than I was asking for...

Now the panic is setting in... need a place to live, have to pack all my crap (wow where did I get this stuff?). Fortunately the company is paying to relocate me. (Who bought this crap?). Have to work for the next two weeks while trying to get all my doctor, dental, etc... completed (Cory, do we really need a 4 foot high stuffed Smurf??).

My mother (forever to be referred to as Saint Mommy) has volunteered to make the drive up to Woodstock with me and the 6 cats. The longest drive that the cats have experienced in their entire lives has been the 9 minutes on the Hwy to get to the vet. We refer to the 9 minute drive as the Hwy to hell. When we get to the vet, they are covered in spit, have dumped at least a pound of hair in the carrier and our ears on the verge of exploding. Should be a good time...

Well I have 23 days to completely upheave my entire life and start work in a whole new world... ACK!!