Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Adventures in Motherhood - Baby's first cold

So the last few days have been... trying. Connor is sporting his first head cold. The poor guy can't breath through his nose, he thinks that saline drops are gonna drown him and the nose sucky thing (name is completely escaping my exhausted mind) is trying to steal his brain. Sleeping is a challenge as apparently breathing through his mouth hasn't been considered as an option yet so he's cranky, sleepy and stuffy... just the recipe for a fantastic time. To top it all off, he has diarrhea (I'm so glad I hit that diaper sale).

I woke with a sore throat this morning and Cory has aches and pains.

One bright spot is that he hasn't been spitting up as much at all even without his Zantac dosages. I am suspicious that the Zantac has no impact on the quantity of spit up and he is just starting to grow out of it... only time will tell...

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Adventures in Motherhood - First Pediatrician Appt

In New Brunswick, as with most provinces, a referral is required from your family doctor to see a specialist such as a pediatrician. My family doctor, whom I hold in very low regard, fortunately has extremely low confidence in her ability to diagnose a baby therefore she was quick to provide a referral to a pediatrician for Connor's spitting up issue. On a good day, Connor spits up maybe 20 times... on a bad day... well we would all be better off naked to keep the laundry issue under control. As a breast fed baby, the expectation is that he would spit up maybe once or twice a week... wow that would be amazing!!

We had our first appointment with the Pediatrician scheduled for December 10 but in good ol'New Brunswick fashion, the skies opened up and dropped a foot of snow on the ground that morning. Our appointment was in Fredericton (an hour drive away), we had to postpone it... Yesterday was the big day. Our appointment was at 2 PM so we needed to be on the road by 12:30. For most people this would not be a problem, but Connor and I have established a fantastic routine that includes sleeping until noon. So I dusted off the alarm clock for the first time since our 8 am appointment at the hospital for induction... After sleeping through the first 48 minutes of the alarm, we were up and trying to remember why...

We were on the road by 10 to 1... got to our appointment exactly on time... (my mother will be proud). On the drive to Fredericton, Connor fell asleep as soon as we hit the highway and woke only once we had parked. While he slept, the snow started falling... again...

At our appointment, Connor was first examined by Patrick... he weighed in at 14.4 lbs... he had his heart and lungs listened to, his ears and throat looked at, his belly prodded... giggling and wiggling the entire time... Connor even helped hold the stethoscope for Patrick.

Then the doctor came in to examine him... she was shocked... in a good way... she couldn't believe how strong Connor was for a three month old. Probably cause the kid never stops moving... he gets more exercise than an Olympic hopeful. She put Connor on his tummy and he immediately tried to turn over on her... shocked again!! Then she stood him up and he used her for balance only... shocked again!! All the time, Connor is laughing and giggling. The boy knows how to put on a show for his audience...

The long and short of the situation is that Connor has acid reflux... we were 99.9% certain this was the issue before we got there but we needed someone to write the prescription. So Connor is now on liquid Zantac. He received his first dose last night and reacted... well... strongly. Cory and I took a taste of the medication and MAN, THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! Poor kid... he gets this stuff twice a day...

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Splish Splash - 12 weeks old

Adventures in Motherhood - The Connor Files

Well we are rounding the 12th week of Connor today. Wow the changes are amazing. I was just watching him on his play mat and realized that he can now reach the toys on both sides of the play mat at the same time. Just a week ago, he could only reach one side at a time. He now grasps the toys quickly and easily and promptly attempts to put them in his mouth.

Last weekend he had his first trip to the emergency room. Before you panic, the emergency room in our rural hospital is a glorified walk in clinic. I've been in there while patients are treated for hard ear wax... I was more used to a city hospital where death needs to be imminent to make the trip acceptable when I first moved here but I've soften with time. Stop cringing Tanya... I still won't go there for hard ear wax...

Anyway, Connor was throwing up his entire tummy contents. He was still feeding so he was not becoming dehydrated so we had decided to ride it out... but then midnight came and with it was the screaming... his head turned bright red and he screamed for 90 minutes. I tried my usual distraction method of presenting a breast... alas this was refused...

After 90 minutes, Cory and I were broken... bundled him in his car seat, grabbed his CD of Metallica and Nirvana Lullaby's and headed off to the hospital. Once in the car, he fell asleep... we continued to drive to the hospital, debating the whole way on whether we should just head home now that he was settled.

2 am on a Saturday night... the Emergency Room was a ghost town. Not even a drunk in sight... We were in to see a doctor in seconds... Connor woke from his nap a new baby... laughing, giggling and flirting with everyone who came in 10 feet of him. The picture of health!

Nothing to worry about... go home... if he gets worse or shows signs of dehydration... please come back.

He fell asleep on the way home.... transferred from his car seat to the crib without a cracked eyelid... slept 7 hours straight... woke a new baby.

He has been continuing to spit up so he is going to see a pediatrician this week in Fredericton for a potential acid reflux issue. He is also being treated for thrush. Good Times!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of Breastfeeding

Okay... I finally get it... I understand why so many women give up on breastfeeding. To be honest, the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions. Fortunately for Connor, his complete distaste for formula has prevented this from becoming a possibility.

The first week was horrifically hard... my milk wouldn't come in. Connor kept nursing to the point that I had bleeding, scabby nipples... fortunately I was still in the hospital while this was happening so I was given Domperidone to help bring my milk in. Unfortunately Domperidone is actually a drug to help move a sluggish bowel and one of it's side effects is that it increases milk production. I did not have a sluggish bowel so this was a whole new thrill for me...

Once we got home, Connor's demand was far greater than my supply. He would cluster feed for hours on end and never seem like he was getting satisfied. For the first few weeks, we were topping him up with sugar water to have him feel full enough to sleep but this also had a side effect on his bowels so it was a last resort.

Our next line of defence was pumping milk during the early hours of the day when he wasn't clustering and using that milk when the clustering started. This was extremely effective. The only problems was that as a young baby, he wasn't into a routine and it was hard to judge when it was safe to pump. Doesn't help if you pump and then have to feed that pumping to him immediately.

Now, my supply generally meets his demand. He is starting to fall into a routine. My problem is now my diet and the impact it has on his digestion system. The donair I ate the other night gave Connor gas and tummy upset... no more spices for me. He has a tendency to spit up ALOT... I'm considering doing an elimination diet on myself to see if we can figure out what upsets him... I'm just working myself up to a rice-only diet for a few days. As a bonus, it will help to remove the excess weight on me...

Total weight gained during pregnancy 49 lbs... total lost so far... 27 lbs

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Connor - 5 weeks, 1 day

Wow it's hard to find time to blog... I've got about 4 entries half completed in draft form that no longer feel applicable.

Today I'm just gonna cheat and upload another video taken on October 19, 2009. Connor sure knows how to keep his daddy entertained.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Coming Up for Air

Wow... I think I am finally coming up for air. Connor turned 3 weeks on Sunday and he celebrated this by not needing to cluster feed from midnight to 6 am. Last night he woke every 4 hours for a 30 minute feed... a couple more days of this and I might feel human again.

He is spending more time awake now without immediate needs like feeding or changing. This is Cory's favorite time with him. Right now they are watching the G.I. Joe movie together while Cory explains the psychology of world domination to him. I think Connor may grow up to be a movie critic as he just responded by filling his diaper... the boy is a natural!!

All and all, Connor is a very pleasant baby. He isn't very fussy provided his needs are met. He doesn't like having his diaper changed so he makes a pile of noise when that is happening, but the noise ends as soon as the change is done.

I'm still recovering from the C-section. I have a whole bunch of unrelated ouchies that add up to a whole body hurt... My tummy is still sore to the touch above the incision... my wrist and elbow is sore from holding Connor too much... I twisted my ankle on the stairs resulting in a bruise on the top of my foot and a sore knee... my breasts are tender tender tender from being stretched... I generally have an exhaustion headache but I'm hoping that will end soon.

Emotionally, I am an easy cry... it's not all the time, it comes in waves. I think I have a little Post Traumatic Stress from the labour prior to the C-section. I'm sure it will fade in time but for now any memory of the labour sends my anxiety level through the roof. If the Alpha Doctor at Labour and Delivery hadn't told me that I had a very difficult labour, I would feel like a total wuss having this reaction. Instead I just feel like a wuss...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - The Final Chapter

Well, I didn't fall off the face of the planet instead I was admitted to the hospital AKA land of no public Internet access...

What a... a.... an... adventure!

We were admitted on the morning of September 10th for our first attempt to induce via Cervadil. This induction is done by the insertion of a "tampon" behind the cervix... it can also be applied by a gel directly to the cervix but if things start to go bad, the gel is almost impossible to get out...

The first day, we had some contractions, watched some TV and dilated 1 whole centimetre. At 11 PM, they gave me a sleeping pill and put me to bed.

The next morning, we replaced the Cervadil with a second attempt. At the end of the completely uneventful day, I was rewarded with a total dilation of 2 cms, a sleeping pill and what I didn't realise would be my last good night sleep for.... I guess the rest of my life.

The third morning, we Cervadil'd again. By the end of the day, I was officially 4 cm's dilated which labeled me as being in "active labor". No sleeping pill was offered as I was tending to my contractions... no sleep for either Cory or myself.

At 8 am on the fourth morning, it was decided to further the induction by giving me Pitocin. Hindsight being 20-20, this is probably the moment that my day took a horrible turn. Pitocin takes a woman from zero to 60 in her labor in a blink of an eye. The gentle increase of contraction that makes it manageable doesn't happen. At 8 am, I was 4 cms dilated and by noon I had achieved the full 10 cms. Not bad for 4 hours. During this 4 hour period, I inhaled 7 canisters of Nitrous Oxide (once I discovered that I could not OD on it via trial and error, it was open season on the nitrous).

I have very little recollection of this day. I had to ask Cory if we used any of the Lamaze breathing. His answer was once or twice when we were changing NO2 canisters but basically Lamaze breathing sounded more like Darth Vader as I sucked the life out of the Nitrous.

At noon, they took my nitrous away and I started to push. At 1 PM, the doctor checked the progress and thought at that point that he was capped... which is a nice layman's term for cephalopelvic disproportion... meaning his head was too big for my pelvis. At 2 PM, as I stood on the delivery table shaking in pain... the doctor felt that a C-section was in order. I quickly agreed as I had already mentally begged for a high forceps delivery or a c-section... anything to make this experience end.

Before I could go for my c-section, they had to remove the internal monitor from Connor's head, catheterize me, prep me for the incision. I asked Cory what time it was expecting to hear 11 PM and was floored when he told me it was 2:30 PM. I have no recollection of how I got into the surgical suite. I remember having 3 contractions while being prepped for my epidural. I remember feeling bad that I was blowing my skanky nitrous sucking dry mouth breath at my labor nurse. And then my legs went numb and the pain went away... *sigh*

Cory was invited into the O.R. at this point. At 4:18 PM, Connor was disentangled from my pelvis and entered the world. Cory and Connor left shortly after that while I was stitched up. At 5 PM, I moved to recovery and met my baby for the first time.

Here he is somewhere between 1 hour and 2 hours old...

So this concludes my Adventures in Pregnancy... now we are on to the more exciting... Adventures in Motherhood.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 41 weeks, 4 days

Well it has been a busy 24 hours since my last post...

After my ultrasound appointment yesterday, I popped in the prenatal clinic to schedule my next appointment. The nurses thought I was there for an induction... when I told them that the induction had been vetoed they hesitantly accepted the information, gave me my appointment time for Thursday and I went on my merry way...

At 4 PM, I received a phone call from my main care giver. She had asked the doctor on duty to review my file. He decided based on all the information available that I was probably heading for an induction and the Cervidil should be administered to ripen my cervix sooner as versus later. So he requested that I come in at 8 AM (did you know they still make an 8 am??) for a review and a possible application of the Cervidil gel.

The Cervidil gel needs to be placed behind the cervix where it remains for 12 hours. So we now faced a day (minimum 13 hours) at the hospital without a promise of anything occurring...

Cory lost his mind and began to scrub every surface scrubbable... I found him on his hands and knees scrubbing stains out of the bedroom carpet at 11 o'clock at night. I went to bed... my back was hurting and I just generally felt rough.

We made it to the hospital by 8:15 am. I went to give my urine sample (these people are obsessed with pee) and discovered that I had my "bloody show". I was then placed on the non stress test and, low and behold, I was contracting every 5-7 minutes. A quick cervix check... 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated. So I was sent home to progress.

I was told to come back when the contractions are 3 minutes apart, or my water breaks or I pass a quantity of blood.

Within 2 hours of being home, my contractions measured 2 minutes apart for 30 minutes. Back we went... The magnetic field around the hospital reverted the contractions to 6 minutes, no change in my cervix... and now I am home again... waiting....

My mother had gone home yesterday (5.5 hour drive away) as she had to replenish her medication stocks and had some work to take care of... she is currently breaking land speed records attempting to return... She's approximately 2.5 hours out... I'm confident that she isn't gonna miss a thing...

I guess this adventure is almost over... but lots to relay before it concludes... hoping to give birth before midnight so Connor's birthday will be 09/09/09...

The waiting continues....

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Things That Make Me Laugh

Recently, I have found myself spending a copious amount of time at the hospital. Personal entertainment can become challenging when forced into a hurry up and wait situation. So when I discovered this in the washroom, it provided several rounds of discussion. It is the warning label on the package of maternity pads (Maxi Pads with attitude)....

This leads me to wonder... how wide spread is this issue that it required the warning in 4 LANGUAGES?!?! Who are these poor women that would even consider sticking an adhesive to their bruised and battered bits? What was the catalyst to actually have the warning placed on the label?
Too horrible to consider!!

Adventures in Pregnancy - 41 weeks, 3 days

Just got back from my ultrasound to check the fluid levels. Everything is looking great. The technician re-confirmed gender for me. Definitely a boy...

She also took a few new pictures for me... they are actually harder to make out at this point because he is so large... but here they are...

Monday, 7 September 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 41 weeks, 2 days

Well... here we are... still pregnant... can you feel my joy?

I was teased with induction yesterday but today is a different story. Connor's heart rate has returned to normal. My cervix is still high and closed... for a healthier, natural delivery, we are going to wait and see if nature will do it's thing.

I am scheduled for an ultrasound this week and that will be the determining factor for induction. They are going to check for fluid levels and cord length... sounds more like an automobile checkup... As long as Connor is looking healthy and happy, he gets to stay in... for a little bit longer anyway.
Rumor has it that induction labor is less than pleasant and 25% of inductions end up in a C-section sooooooooooo... fingers crossed for a natural labor... soon... please!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 41 weeks, 1 day

I am now on "one day at a time" watch. Yesterdays non-stress test looked about the same as the day before. Connor's heart rate continues to race between 170 and 185 but his activity level matches his heart rate... the test did not pick up a single contraction although I am certain that they happened... I think the monitor was a little bit too high on my belly. Fortunately, I'm now on daily non-stress tests so I can try to correct that today.

The doctor checked my cervix and found that it is still quite high... he figures 50% effaced and closed.

The hospital is a baby factory right now... 3 babies were born on Friday night, 3 more were in for delivery on Saturday and 3 more were driving around the block circling the hospital looking for a room at the Inn... it is a general guess that the only reason I haven't been induced yet is that they wouldn't have a place to put me. Once this crop is cleared, I'm guessing an induction is in my future. For now, it is status quo...

5 days since due date...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 41 weeks

So yesterday was my latest prenatal appointment.... emphasis on the "pre"... yep, still pregnant. The doctor attempted another shot at stripping my membranes. She said that my cervix was coming down but was still closed.

When we listened to Connor's heart rate, he was quite elevated (180 beats) so I was sent down to Labour and Delivery to have a non-stress test. Usually the test runs for 20 minutes, but the results were showing his heart rate continued to be elevated. So I was given copious amounts of water to drink (4 litres/1 gallon) and the test continued for a total of 2 hours before he settled a bit. And when I say copious amounts of water, I mean, I peed before leaving the hospital, we stopped twice on the 10 minute drive home to pee and I ran into the house as soon as we got home to pee....

I have another appointment for a non-stress again this afternoon and again on Monday. I am also tentatively scheduled for an ultrasound at the beginning of the week.

When I got home from my appointment, I began to feel pretty much under the weather. Headache, achy, overheated then chilled.... boo. So I headed to bed around 5PM and stayed there until 5AM. I feel a little better but my hips and shoulders are angry about long periods of inactivity. I was woken a few times by contractions but nothing that panned out to anything regular. So I continue to wait...

Due date - 4 days ago!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Adventures of Pregnancy - 40 weeks, 5 days

Well it looks like that membrane sweep did very little except to disrupt my belly with incredible cramping. Yesterday was pretty much as unfun of a day as I have had in a while. I had crazy belly cramps and lower back cramps and I spent more time in the bathroom than a product tester at a laxative factory. I tried to keep as active as possible... I've heard gravity is my friend!

I got quite a bit accomplished in the house. The biggest item was the successful washing of the couch and love seat cushion covers. After much debate, they were placed in the washing machine. One camp of thought the covers would not survive the washer due to a loose weave and felt they needed to be hand washed. The other camp felt that if they did not survive, "No interest, No Payments until 2011" would tidy up that mess quite nicely. Fortunately, they survived and look and smell like a million bucks!!

Journey continues to be in heat... it has been discovered that diapers stay on her better if they are backwards. We are pretty certain that Theo has managed to take care of her "needs" however we are not sure if they have been interrupted each time. I would have assumed if her needs were taken care of, she would cycle out of her heat. That's how it works for cats anyway. This will be the last time I ever experience a dog in heat. Way too annoying to allow to happen again. Fingers crossed that she doesn't have a belly full of puppies...

This morning I am expecting the delivery of my winter wood... 5 cords that will need to transfer from the lawn to the basement as quickly as possible. 640 cubic feet of wood in total... not sure where it is all going to fit but it guarantees that I will not be cold this winter!! My back aches at the thought of this little adventure already....

2 days past due date...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 40 weeks, 4 days

Still pregnant... in fact, pretty certain I will be pregnant forever.

So I had my prenatal appointment today. Everything seems great... my blood pressure is starting to creep up a bit... 128/90 today with a large blood pressure cuff... 138/90 with the normal blood pressure cuff. My weight gain continues to be "text book" (their words not mine). I'm at 47 lbs gained total.

The doctor was extremely pleased to hear that we did not progress to any active lesions. He promises that they will not let me go any further than September 11 if I do not go into labor before then... A dear friend found me this blog entry that made me feel a lot better about my situation... She's not a doctor but she seems to have done some good research and has documented her sources well.... Herpes and Vaginal Birth

We completed another no stress test. In 20 minutes, we recorded 3 contractions... most likely Braxton Hicks. Everyone seems very pleased and happy with the results. Connor's reactions to the contractions are bang on what they are looking for for stress coping. Lots of movement, heart rate is accelerating when it is supposed to... etc...

We attempted to strip my membranes but my cervix is still too high and Connor is still floating. The doctor says he managed one sweep but didn't feel that it would have too much impact.

So for now, I continue to be pregnant... my next prenatal appointment is Friday at 1 PM.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I've blogged about this before but it has been some time... I read the obituaries... always have... I don't know where this came from although my mother reads them as well so the apple may not be falling far from the tree.

I look for people I know, then ages of people... when I find someone that I deem "too young" I look deeper to try to determine why young people die. But my true desire is to find a well written obituary that tells a story about the person who has passed away. Just a glimpse into the life of the person... I found one this morning... Kudos to the author... it really shows the world the love that is felt for this man...

JOHNSON, Wayne Edward Joseph
— Was married to the love of his life, Evelyn, for 44 years. He passed away suddenly on August 27, 2009, at his home in Paradise, Annapolis Co. Wayne "Dad, Grampie" could often be heard telling stories of all the places he had travelled to over the years as a sailor and member of the air force. You could talk about a place somewhere and get a reply "Oh yeah, I've been there." A smile could always be found whenever he was with his grandkids. He loved them so much and didn't mind acting silly around them either This often meant, he was on the receiving end of not so flattering hairdos given to him by his many granddaughters, but that was okay. He loved food, so much so that he spent part of his life as a cook, and then later, satisfied his entrepreneurial spirit operating his own taxi business. He cared about people, loved his family and cherished animals. The squirrels that came to the house feeders quickly became pets. He'd give them a little scratch on the back as they ate and tell anyone nearby to do the same. They only stayed for him.

Wayne "Dad, Grampie" you are dearly missed. Only 67, Wayne was born in Halifax. He was the son of the late Gerald and Veronica (Juteau) Johnson. He is survived by his wife, the former Evelyn Mabel Keddy....

Adventures in Pregnancy - 40 weeks, 3 days

Welcome to my due date... *sigh*...

According to Internet research (always to be taken with a grain of salt)between 33% and 37% of women give birth during their 40th week of gestation. The second highest week was the 39th week with an average 20%-25%. Statistically, 81.6% of women give birth between 37 weeks and 41 weeks. Unfortunately, I could not find any specific data on the percentage of women who actually give birth on their due dates. I imagine the information is out there but hidden in something really boring.

Tonight, Cory dragged me to the grocery store or the 7th ring of hell as I like to call it. Somewhere around the cereal aisle, my hips decided that they were going to shift. Simultaneously, the invisible two by four slammed me in the crotch. It just about took my breath away, fortunately I was pushing/leaning on the grocery cart at the time so no one was the wiser. I managed to finish our little shop and waddle out to the car. For the most part, the pain is now gone and has just left behind a little discomfort in it's wake.

I have completely destroyed my sleep schedule by sleeping from 8AM to 7PM two days in a row. Connor has decided that my uterus is as much fun as a hamster wheel and is in almost constant motion. My heartburn has reached biblical proportions and I'm having muscle spasms in my shoulder blades.

I have my prenatal appointment tomorrow (I guess I did need it after all). I'm planning on having a frank discussion with my doctor tomorrow about the pros and cons of a C-section at this point of the game as versus a vaginal delivery. I need to be convinced that the risk of transmission is nominal before I feel comfortable proceeding naturally. Just sucky timing all told....

Update to come when I get back from my appointment.

0 Days to due date!!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 40 Weeks, 0 days

Well here we are... 40 weeks.... my due date is slightly altered due to the length of my menstrual cycle. I have a 33 day cycle instead of a 28 cycle, so still 3 days left until my official due date. Honestly, I'm done!

I have had a bit of a complication that cropped up in the last day or so... I weighed the privacy nature of what I'm about to share and decided that the value of the information outweighs the potential, I don't know... social stigma, embarrassment, maybe...

1 in 4 woman have herpes... I pulled the short straw on that one... I'm very very very lucky that I have herpes simplex 1 which is generally found orally... however, my infection is of a southern nature. I contracted it from Cory a million years ago, he has the typical oral complex, meaning he gets cold sores.

Until pregnancy, I had, maybe, one outbreak a year, if that and the longer you have simplex 1, the less outbreaks you experience. Unfortunately, due to the suppressed immune system as a result of pregnancy, I had one outbreak during my first trimester and now I have prodrome symptoms of an outbreak. What that means is that I feel one coming on but it hasn't happened yet.

Now what does this do to my "birth plan"? Personally, I thought this was a first class ticket to the operating room. I'm surprised to say it wasn't.... I called the prenatal clinic. I do not have any active lesions, so they have started me on a course of Valtrex, which is a herpes suppression drug. I am on the drug until delivery. When I go into labor, I must be aware of my lesion status... if I have one, immediate C-section... if I don't, we will discuss the options. The doctor was very pro-vaginal birth if possible even under these circumstances.

The doctor is confident that at this late stage of the pregnancy, the Valtrex will have no negative effect on the baby as he is fully formed. I am concerned that even without a lesion, my birth canal may not be the best place for a new person. I do not want to have a C-section but I also do not want to spread the virus to my little guy before he even has a chance to take his first breath. This is weighing pretty heavily on me, I must say... I want to trust the doctor but at the same time, she isn't a specialist in infectious diseases. I trust that she would not knowingly put my unborn child at risk... but but but...

I'm doing a crap load of research online... my favorite resource Mother Risk doesn't seem to have any information on herpes and Valtrex during pregnancy. Mother Risk is a website run by the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and I feel quite confident that the information provided is accurate. Outside of that website, I have found conflicting information from a variety of different sources... which one is accurate is the issue. So I am left with more questions than answers... my first major parental dilemma...

For now, I cannot find any negative information on Valtrex and pregnancy on the Valtrex website, so I will take my drugs... it's now a matter of deciding how to proceed with my birthplan... Do I force the C-section or let the doctors make the final decision?

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 39 weeks, 4 days

Holy crap... still pregnant...

Last night was a long night of timing contractions at irregular intervals. The intervals duplicated on a few but then went back into its randomness. Very frustrating.

Last night's highlight was a rash of phone calls from some of my favourite people. It was so nice to catch up with everyone...

Journey continues to be in heat (she is standing on what remains of my lap as I type). She has been diapered to keep her mess to a minimum. Her initial response to being diapered was complete and total betrayal but now she has come to accept the diapering as not the worst thing in the world. On the bright side, Cory has now had some practice with disposable diapers. He thinks that it would be easier without having to cut a hole for her tail. She seems to like her diaper and the house is filled with the swish swish noise of a diapered bum running around.

Cory seems to be in full nesting mode today... he has vacuumed and mopped the whole house. Unfortunately the load of laundry that keeps getting re-washed in the washer because we keep forgetting about it, was once again forgotten about. I think I need to spend 30 minutes in the basement to ensure it travels from the washer to the dryer.

Today I read over my adventures in pregnancy posts from the beginning... I'm really glad to have documented the journey. Although there are things that did not get blogged about, it triggered memories as I read... I have to really take notice that I had a really easy ride for the past 9 months. No morning sickness, no great emotional upheaval, no life threatening complications... I'm not horribly scarred with stretch marks, but I have some. When all is said and done, I'll post my collection of lessons learned... most will fall under the TMI category but you know what... you got to find the information on the internet somewhere... at least I won't include photographs (that story will follow as well).

6 days to due date... 2 days until we clear the cusp of Virgo.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 39 weeks, 3 days

So apparently my adventure in pregnancy is coming to a close very soon. I had what should be my last prenatal appointment today. We did book an appointment for next week but the doctor was doubtful that I would need it.

Today we did my usual stuff... blood pressure (120/84 - Poster Child for Blood Pressure), my pee was just pee, I am now up 46 lbs in total (I'm thinking 10 lbs of liquid in each foot alone). I woke up in pain this morning so I mentioned this to the doctor, she felt that a no-stress test might be in order. 20 minutes on the monitor and we recorded one contraction... yay. She checked my cervix and said that it was still quite thick... boo.

So I was told to go home and walk walk walk... come back when I need to... *sigh*

So we have walked around the block, it felt like someone was hammering my pelvis with each step. We are planning on taking the dogs for a little stroll a little later tonight. I'm sure that will be a blast...

The doctor says that the hospital is expecting over 40 babies in September... with 3 labor and delivery rooms.... I'm hoping to be squeezing in early. Maybe jumping jacks will help... ow ow ow...

Oh P.S. My paycheque was hand delivered to the house today by two fantastic women!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 39 weeks, 2 days

The heat finally broke.... it is currently 20 degrees and raining. I have eaten more today than I have in weeks. I don't feel sweaty anywhere on my body.... Life is glorious!

We've been living during the night to avoid the heat and sleeping (if you can call it that) during the heat of the day. That's going to be a hard habit to break. The dogs got me up at 9 AM this morning to go outside. I felt perky and ready to take on the world... so I laid down for just a few more minutes and my eyelids cracked open again at 5 PM.

Today (many hours from now when the world is awake), I get to play chase the paycheque. This has been an ongoing saga for a bit, let me catch you up...

My last payday was supposed to be August 15 via direct deposit. Due to paranoia, I always check to see if it's there... strangely, it wasn't. I called payroll to find out what happened... for some reason, payroll decided to cut me a manual cheque and mail it to me. Had they called me to let me know that they were changing the method of payment, this all could have been avoided. Instead, the cheque was mailed out.... to the wrong address.

This was discovered on August 19. I went to the post office to see if I could break some federal law and poach my cheque out of another person's box, but alas, the lady at the post office remembered my name (always good to be unique) and was certain that the mail was returned to sender. I went to work to see if they could cancel the cheque and reissue... no problem, except all the officers with signing authority were either on vacation or out of the province. I hoped that the mail would be returned and they could call me to come and get it from work... but my phone has not rang...

So here we are, 9 days after payday.... still waiting on the cheque. Surprisingly, in my paycheque-to-paycheque world, I covered the mortgage and car payment. My bitterness level is increasing inversely proportional with my bank balance. Looks like I have to crack the whip... as if I have the energy to do so....

8 days to due date... already in Virgo, 4 days until the cusp is cleared....

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Adventures of Pregnancy - 39 weeks, 0 days

I guess this is the back stretch... oooooh I'd love a back stretch... I feel like my spine is about one inch long. My hips are sore from sleeping on my sides. My heartburn has decided to defy the power of Tums... whine whine whine...

I think the baby turned around, he kicked me on my left side instead of the usual right side. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come! I'm hours away from Virgo... even though Cory has requested a solid/non cusp Virgo now.... I told him, I make no promises.

Journey has decided that this is the perfect time in my life for her to go into heat. This means she is making a mess (diapers are coming her way very soon) and is VERY needy emotionally. I don't think I've taken a step without feeling her touch on my legs somewhere. She presses against me when she sleeps (that really helps with this heat). Theo is absolutely obsessed with her even though the size difference has made any relations pretty much impossible. So I am spending most of my time, protecting Journey from Theo.... yay.

She has a new game ... she stands outside and asks to come in... soon as you go to the door, she runs and grabs the tennis ball which she has hidden under a chair and drops it at your feet and runs to wait for you to throw it... I've fallen for it about 4 times. I have to give her props for embodying "when there is a will, there is a way".

The weather forecast has decided that N.B. does not get to share in the Hurricane Bill action this weekend however, we have an 80% chance of thundershowers this afternoon/evening. I guess that's better than nothing.

10 days to due date.... 8 hours and change to Virgo....

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Adventures of Pregnancy - 38 weeks, 4 days

OMG will this heat ever end... it is now 1:45 am... it is 25 degrees outside the house and 29 degrees inside the house. I played sports in high school and I don't remember ever being this sweaty for this long.

I had my prenatal appointment this afternoon. I also had a complaint that my ear was completely blocked.... didn't know if it was a crazy pregnancy thing or not... never hurts to tell the tale. Well lo and behold, my right ear was COMPLETELY blocked. So the beginning of my prenatal appointment was having my ear cleared out... I've never had that done by a doctor before... it seems to be contrary to everything you read on the Internet for how to clean your ears safely. Anyway, I can hear again... WHO LET THAT CRICKET INTO THE HOUSE?!?!?!?

Here are my stats for the week... I am sitting at the 3rd week in a row of no weight gain or loss (give or take a pound), my blood pressure is back to my usual 120/80. My pee contained only pee...

I'm measuring smaller on the uterus which apparently means that the baby has dropped. We did a quickie ultrasound and saw his face (he has chubby cheeks)... he is currently facing the wrong direction so I need to spend some quality time on my hands and knees so gravity will flip him. That statement makes most of my friends giggle.... single minded pervs... love ya guys!!

My next appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday... we are expecting some hurricane action in the local area over the weekend, so I'm hoping the sudden change in atmospheric pressure might change my plans. Fingers crossed...

13 days to due date.... 4 days until Virgo... 10 minutes until I liberate that cricket!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 38 weeks, 2 days

Why did it pick this week to become unseasonably hot? Our day time highs have been hitting 37 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). My life has become a series of cold showers and naps in front of the fan. My only saving grace has been the gracious offer of pool usage by some very good friends. Rumor has it that this heat should break on Wednesday.

As for me and the little man... I seem to be having some contraction in my lower back. I don't know how often or if there is a pattern. I really should try timing these things one of these days.. if I can stay awake long enough. I figure I don't really need to time them.... I'll know when the action is starting to happen. Timing at this point is just distractionary.

I have my next prenatal appointment tomorrow.

15 days left til due date... 6 days left til the baby is a Virgo.... I think I just figured out why Cory is so intent on a Virgo.... here are a few listed traits....

    Health foods
    Hazards to health
    Anything sordid
    Sloppy workers
    Being uncertain
Those who know him, understand completely now.....

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Adventures of Pregnancy - 37 weeks, 4 days

So, I'm still pregnant... although sometimes it feels like the baby is going to burst through my skin at anytime. Things are getting a bit snug in there.

I had my 37 week prenatal appointment yesterday. My blood pressure is up a bit for me... 130/84 (I think that is a personal high for me). My urine was just urine... no glucose, no protein, no other ickies. And most importantly, the baby's head is in the dive position...

I tested positive for Group B Streptococcus which is pretty scary when I look at the worst case scenarios (isn't the Internet grand). What it means in reality is that when I go into labour, I get to have an antibiotic I.V. every 4 hours until delivery. I'm sure that will trigger a FANTASTIC yeast infection. Oh goodie.... something else to look forward to...

I'm sleeping through the night for the most part, maybe one bathroom break a night. The little guy seems to have dropped and is giving my ribs a bit of rest between that and the nights are cooler, makes for better sleep all around. I seem to be having a bit of a burst of energy as a result...

I've tackled the lime/calcium stains in my toilet... peeled some wallpaper from the spare room... folded all the baby clothing.... I want to strip the dresser for the baby's room but I'm wondering if that is too big of a job... Cory hates stripping paint so if I start that job, he'll be bitter if I don't finish it...

Well... I want to go tackle something on my list... back later

Friday, 7 August 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 36 weeks, 6 days

Greetings from Maternity Leave... I was scheduled to start my leave on August 24 but hindsight being 20-20, I was a bit on the optimistic side when I pulled that date. Not sleeping well, early mornings and 30+ celcius weather took the joy out of being awake, so August 4th was my last day worked...

Now I'm at home... I have a mental list of a billion things I would like to be doing around the house and the energy to fold 2 towels in 2 days. I lay in bed and list off the things I could be doing instead... then I get up and realize I'm not physically prepared to even write the list much less tick items off a list. Then I lay back down, in front of the fan and read until I fall back to sleep.

I think I managed to find a perfect description of the physical limitations of being 8-9 months pregnant... it actually describes the last few months... it's like someone has tied a board to my stomach that covers from my breasts to my pelvis and used an elastic bandage to hold it in place, wrapping around my back from shoulder blades to tail bone... it makes bending over or any activity that would result in a condensed midsection to be... let's call it "uncomfortable"... it's not impossible to bend over but the lack of ability to breath makes it a challenge. I'm really looking forward to having my lungs back...

Being home is interesting. I'm noticing things I didn't have time to notice before. My next door neighbour had a property dispute with his neighbour and as a result he has torn down his "garage/shed". This garage/shed blocked our house from the main road. Now we have road noise and the other neighbour's daycare noise... the day care noise almost put me over the edge today. The herd of kids actually screamed for 4 hours straight... it reminded me how much I dislike kids... well other peoples kids I guess... or maybe just herds of kids... what have I gotten myself into?!?!?!

3 weeks and 1 day (ish) until I contribute to the noise pollution in my neighbourhood...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Adventures of Pregnancy - 35 weeks, 3 days

I feel like poo.

Well, not poo I guess.... I don't think that poo has feelings but man, I am not having fun. I turned green and pasty yesterday and ended up visiting the hospital to be told that the baby is healthy and happy (yay) and I am just pregnant with what looks like a case of the flu (boo).

So I stayed home today. Sleeping makes me feel better but sleeping isn't always in my cards anymore. Cory says that even when I am sleeping he can tell that it's not a "quality" sleep.

On a happy note, we had our baby shower this weekend past. I think I am finally not completely screwed if I were to have the baby tomorrow. However, I am a self proclaimed baby idiot. I have no nieces or nephews that I was around for when they were little... most of my friends either already had babies or were inaccessible when they did... I have only recently held my first infant... Cory has the same history as me... clearly we are completely out of our minds for trying this adventure...

Quick Aside on the Video... AWESOME... it's not an entertainment video by any stretch... but it's approximately 6 hours and I feel prepared(ish). I found it via download on torrent sites but if you wanted to buy it.. it's called Great Expectations - Laugh and Learn about Childbirth

Back to the baby shower... I have 30 cloth diapers (my mom thinks I need 12 more), 7 plastic diaper wraps, 1000 diaper liners, 4 packages of baby wipes, 4 billion sleepers of various age ranges, some bottles, some disposable diapers, lots of baby bath/health essentials, the Nuby Nibbler and lots lots more...

From what we can see, I need a diaper pail (something that seals in the stink) and some safety items that will come into play later down the road (baby gates and such). Cory wants a baby monitor so he doesn't lose his mind hovering over the crib counting breaths. This is the man who completes a minimum of 4 headcounts on the pets daily and can not sleep until he has a confirmed headcount. A baby is gonna push him to his breaking point.

Well, my belly is cramping, my back is killing me and my hands are swelling... I'm gonna sign off for now... 4 weeks and 4 days to go!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 34 weeks, 4 days

I have been a bad little blogger lately... I have started so many posts and have ended up just wandering away. Apparently I'm suffering from an attention span issue.... well worse that usual...

What's new....

Well my feet and ankles look like Mickey Mouse feet. I've always had very slim, defined ankles and I'm verging into cankle land... when the calf melts into your foot. Ew...

I have had a dream that I have given birth to 7 deformed babies... which then turned into 7 horrible deformed kittens... extra legs, zigzagged spines and conjoined in ways that no creature should every be conjoined.

I had another dream that one of my cousins took some sort of offense to my mother's father and went to the UK and killed everyone with his last name.... busy girl!!

I chopped my hair off for something with less weight and work... now I have to spend an extra 15 minutes a morning blow drying and straightening it... guess I should have thought that out a little better.... but it is way cooler.

Food has lost almost all interest to me... I'm now eating out of necessity only. I think my stomach is the size of a pea.... which is ironically the same size as my bladder.

I'm in the process of training my replacement... she's gonna do great!! The only goal is to stay working until she is trained... I have promised to keep my legs crossed for 2 more weeks so no baby falls out and ruins the plan.

Latest trip to prenatal... the doctor finds a heart beat on both sides of my tummy... and asks.... "Are we sure there is only one in there?" My heart drops and Cory just about bounces out of his chair with joy. She couldn't tell if the lump under my ribs is head or bum so it looks like another ultrasound in a week or so to determine position.

I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions at a pretty regular irregular intervals... everyone is saying that I've dropped... I guess the clock is ticking... I REALLY need to finish watching that Laugh and Learn about child birth video...

Monday, 13 July 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 33 weeks, 2 days

I hate being a statistic but did you know that 75% of third trimester pregnant chicks suffer from insomnia? Guess who joined her sleepless sisters!

What a crappy night sleep... it was too hot with the blankets on, too cold with the blankets off... I had to pee every 5 minutes... the dog was snoring... the other dog was licking too loudly.... the cats wanted to snuggle when I was too hot... *grumble*

Now I huddle over my daily allowance of tea pining over the memory of sleeping pills and chocolate covered espresso beans.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 33 weeks, 1 day

Sorry it has been so long since the last update. My back doesn't seem to like sitting in front of my computer anymore. I have been making an effort to rest more even though I feel like I should be go go going all the time. I'm booked for a pregnancy massage tomorrow... it is a massage therapist who specializes in pregnant bodies... I am almost bubbling over with excitement on that one. I'm a sucker for a massage until normal circumstances... can't wait for one when I ache this much.

We had an exciting week. Journey decided to pull a fast one on us... bolted out the door like Forrest Gump and didn't look back. We put up a billion flyer's, advertised her on the radio and spent hours a night looking for her. Apparently, she was found by someone 2.5 hours after she gumped us but they didn't see a sign for 2 days. Now Journey is home under careful watch at all times.

On a less than exciting note, Cory's temporary contract at work came to an end unexpectedly. I was hoping to run it until the baby came so he could take some time at home with us without taking time off my maternity leave but the timing wasn't there. Oh well... he's applied for his unemployment insurance and has applied for a few positions in town as well. In the meantime, he is catching up on a few household items that are outstanding like.. painting a baby's room. :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 31 weeks, 1 day

9 weeks left until my due date... why is it always so hot outside?? I'm really starting to understand why everyone looked at me with sympathy when they discovered my due date was at the end of the summer.

Cory and I started watching the Laugh and Learn about Childbirth. We have watched the first 2 segments. I have to say that they really oversold themselves on the Laugh part. I've smirked once or twice but laugh... not so much... I am finding it extremely informative though. It is running at a nice solid pace.

I am finding it more comfortable to "practice breathing" with only Cory as an audience. He is really good at the Hee Hee breathing... which would be great if he was the one who would need to do it... I, on the other hand, become light headed 35 seconds into it. Cory is trying hard to coach me but I think, at this late date, it would be best if he gave birth instead of me. He has a much better grasp of the concepts than I do.

Journey, our new addition, is coming along nicely. She is quickly learning new commands although her house training is a little suspect. We have been working on that. She now makes it through the night without an accident. Last night she was intertwined in a cat while she slept, so she has been almost completely accepted. I guess size does matter.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 30 weeks, 2 days

Prenatal appointment today... my last monthly one for the pregnancy. I am now seeing them every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then once a week until delivery. That makes it seem like it's coming soon.

My blood pressure has been my crowning glory for my pregnancy. Once again, I clocked in at 120/70... I am very consistent. Connor's heartbeat has also stayed consistently in the 140's bpm.

My urine was full of sugary goodness... which I was told is a bad thing... they are happy with the blood sugar levels in the 5's but not so happy with the 7's. Supper seems to be my downfall meal, so Cory is revamping his meal plans.

I gained another 6 lbs over the last month, putting my weight gain at 33 lbs for the pregnancy. I was originally trending for 40 lbs but I think I may surpass that :(

Last night, I downloaded a "How to have a baby" movie... it is supposed to be everything I would have learned at prenatal class had I continued to attend... should be a good time! It's called "Laugh and Learn about childbirth". Wish us luck! I'll have a full review upon completion.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

New Addition

Introducing our latest addition... Journey. She is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier... all of maybe 7 lbs. She's been here for 36 hours and has already assumed ownership of.. well... all she can see!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 30 weeks, 0 days

Greetings from the land of gestational diabetes. Boooooo

Well, I'm not actually diagnosed with gestational diabetes but I had some slightly elevated glucose results so now I'm testing my blood sugar 4 times a day and watching my diet. No more afternoon cookies :(

So my blood sugar targets are less than 5.3 prior to breakfast and less than 6.7 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and supper... After supper last night I was 7.3 (ooops), this morning was 5.9 (double oooops) and 2 hours after breakfast I was 5.3 (w00t). I have to say that I was hungry from breakfast to lunch though... Lunch was pretty big and I felt full afterwards, I'm just waiting another hour before I can test. I'm hoping to find a balance between good blood sugar and my happiness. If I can't control it with diet, I get to have insulin... ick.

With only 7-12 weeks left, I can suck it up. I'm really gonna miss my ice cream cones :'(

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 28 Weeks, 1 day

Welcome to my Third Trimester! 86 Days to Due Date!!

Well, I have this feeling I'm going to be having Connor (we finally named him) early though... someone take note and see if mother instinct has any place at all. If I follow my mother's pregnancies, I'll still be pregnant in October. She cooked us good with 43 weeks and 47 weeks.

I have been saying that I will go early due as it would be ironic. The local hospital is not currently set up for epidurals, however, they will be in September. If I go early, I lose the option. But I keep dreaming that we are having an early birth... so let's see if that has any credence.

Yesterday, we introduced Theo to the next door neighbours 11 month old daughter. I have been very apprehensive of his reaction to little people. You always hear stories of good dogs going bad with a new baby. One of my co-workers had a baby a few weeks ago and their dog is now muzzled based on his reaction to the interloper. Theo licked her face, her ears, her arms... basically covered her with drool. He was very gentle and when he started to get too excited (he is still a puppy) he settled down as soon as he was told. I'm very very very proud of him.

I've learned a few pregnancy lessons this week. Allergy season is in full bloom for me, so I sneeze a lot. I have learned that although I am still master of my bladder, however sneezing is my bladders revenge for overfilling it. We have come to an agreement that I will not overfill my bladder during day light hours and my bladder will not force me to change my clothing. During Nighttime hours, I can still ignore it in exchange for sleep. I am dreaming about peeing a lot more lately though...

Oh yeah, I almost completely forgot... I failed my one hour glucose challenge test. Started the test with a blood sugar of 5.1 and after one hour I was at 9.1. So on Friday, I completed the 2 hour glucose tolerance test. I started with a fasting blood sugar of 5.9, they took three vials of blood from me at one hour intervals... should have the results later this week. Fingers crossed for negative on gestational diabetes...

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Adventures of Pregnancy - 27 weeks, 1 days

So this is the last week of my second trimester.  Now that I'm entering my third trimester, all those tales about pregnancy are starting to ring true.  My ribs hurt constantly... especially along my bra line on the right side.  Cory can rub the muscles out and in minutes, it is right back to square one.  My low back starts to hurt easily.  Laying on my back seems to make that worse... I'm tired of sleeping on my side only... this is gonna be a long trimester.

I've been having dreams that the baby is born.  The first one, it turned out that the baby was a girl instead of a boy and we forgot to tell anyone.  Then the rest of the dream was me losing the baby all over the place and forgetting to feed her.  So I woke up feeling rather ill prepared for a baby.

Last night, I had a dream that the baby was born except it was one of my cats at his full grown size.  Mind you he is the one that most generally gets called baby boy when he snuggles and he is the sweetest... but putting a diaper on him was challenging and breast feeding was a nightmare.  Cory agrees with me that after all this, I better end up with AT LEAST a human baby.

I seem to have picked up a new pregnancy symptom (or at least I'm blaming it).  I take an antidepressant.  Have been for years.  When I don't take it, I get anxious and quick to anger.  It feels like my pills have completely stopped working.  I call it festering.  I find something that pisses me off and I fester on it... it blows completely out of proportion, increasing my anxiety level and makes me want to lash out.  

At least, I identify that I'm doing it and try to turn off the festering but that is easier said that done.  I know I'm just being hypersensitive.  I am able to prevent the lash out unless I'm cornered by the source of the festering.  It's a lot of mental exhaustion and tongue biting.  It makes me want to hibernate... I'm so tired.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 26 weeks, 3 days

The tired monster has come back but in a different form.  In the beginning, there just weren't enough hours in the day to dedicate to sleep.  Now... it almost feels like there are too many until moments after the alarm clock goes off.  The nights are LONG.  I go to bed so tired, I can't even read my book but I am sleeping so lightly.  I feel like I'm awake all night.  I am still master of my bladder so I'm not up and down all night (even if I should be).  Stay out of my path when I get up though.

I had a prenatal appointment on Monday.  These are becoming tiresome themselves and I'm only going once a month at this point.  I soon move to the once every 2 weeks.  At the end, it is once a week.

I gained 6 more lbs.  This is my biggest gain in a month and it wasn't anywhere near what I thought it was going to be.  It puts me at 27 lbs over 26 weeks.  I'm trending to end up with a 40 lb gain by the end of it.

My blood pressure was 120/70.... I should be a poster child for blood pressure.

I was not master of my bladder at the appointment and could not produce an urine sample.  This seems to shock the nurse every time.  Apparently she doesn't have pee-cup shyness.

I completed my glucose challenge on Monday as well.  They had me drink a bottle of sugary goo... looked and tasted like orange pop, even had carbonation.  (I was appalled that the little glass bottle was not recycle able.)  They sent me away for a hour and then drew some blood.  My pre-sugary goo blood sugar level was 5.1 (fasting).  

The fellow who drew the blood when I got back didn't tell me my results of the glucose.  He had much bigger problems.  He was the first person to have difficulties finding a vein on me.... EVER!!  I don't hide my veins, but he was determined to get blood from a little vein when the bigg'un that everyone else uses was pulsating right beside it.  He actually dug around until I said "ow" and he moved to the other arm.  I will be avoiding him in the future.

All and all, this second trimester stuff is pretty calm and quiet.  Not too much to report.  I declared my last day of work as August 22 and I've set the expectation that I will be taking the whole year.  We'll see how that goes once the time and money starts to fly.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 25 weeks, 6 days

I'm not sure what to make of this....

It's product called Epi-NO and one of my doctors recommended me researching it... it is approved by Health Canada and the FDA.... 

I'd be interested in some feedback

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 25 weeks 5 days

In the past few months, I've often thought back to my Health classes in high school and what was covered about pregnancy in those classes. I remember drawing a picture of a uterus and fallopian tubes and coloring them in with my snazzy colored pencils. I remember a public health nurse rolling a condom on a broomstick. I am pretty sure we covered the medical aspects of how an egg is fertilized, but we never actually talked about what really happens after that egg implants. I'm am certain that if pregnancy was covered with a bit more details, less teens would allow that to happen to them.

Noone ever told me that I could develop skin tags. Now this hasn't been horrific... two tiny skin tags the size of a freckle but it was something I didn't know happened during pregnancy.

I knew that I couldn't take medications other than Tylenol during pregnancy but I generally have a kick ass immune system so this wasn't a great concern. Noone told me that my immune system would dial back during pregnancy to protect the baby. I have gotten EVERYTHING going this year. I've had chest colds, head colds, stomach flu, intestinal flu, just the regular old every day flu...

This week was the topper for me... (TMI about to happen). I have had diarrhea for 4 days. Generally, I would have taken some Imodium on the first day and this would have been a distant memory. Unfortunately, Imodium and pregnancy are a no no. Yesterday, I ended up in the emergency room for dehydration as a result of the untreated diarrhea. 4 hours and IV fluids later, I was set free with instructions to drink, drink, drink... and to check in with the prenatal clinic in the morning.

So this afternoon, I have an appt with the prenatal clinic. They will probably do a non stress test. I honestly just want the root cause of the dehydration resolved.

I have my monthly check up on Monday and my glucose challenge to check for gestational diabetes.

93 days until I start Mat Leave!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 24 weeks, 6 days

I now have a full description of hell... Hell is... 6 months pregnant, with a head cold, unable to take any cold medications due to pregnancy and thyroid condition... this alone is pretty dreadful... now add an 8 hour plane ride with a 2 hour lay over.

In my life, I have had some pretty serious migraines. Migraines that have taken me to the emergency room for IV medications... yet I had still not encountered the pain of descending from 35,000 feet before in my life. Fortunately with the layover, I got to do it twice! It felt like someone was stabbing my face with a hot ice pick. I will not be flying for the rest of my pregnancy and I will not fly again during a pregnancy just for the fear of the sinus pain again.

I now sit and reminisce about the good ol'days when I could breathe through my nose...

Another valuable life lesson learned this week... Never EVER sneeze while peeing...

Monday, 4 May 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 23 weeks, 2 days

Ahhh Prenatal classes...

Tonight we had the tour of the hospital. I was really looking forward to this for the comfort factor of knowing the environment. Feeling warm and fuzzy about the road I was wandering down...

Unfortunately, human nature is human... when you get a professional somewhere when they have to speak, they start telling anecdotal stories. With a delivery nurse, this means that we hear stories about CRAZY women who don't want drugs who end up screaming, crying and begging for drugs... very comforting, I can assure you.

She also made a point to remind us that birthing is dirty business. At this point of my pregnancy, I wish to be in denial. I want to imagine the birthing experience as buttercups and dragon flies... I know it is unrealistic but I'm passed the point of no return. I know it's not a realistic attitude but denial is a wonderful place!! Next time it happens I'm putting my fingers in my ears and going to go to my happy place...

I also have to admit that Cory was right and I was wrong.. he wanted to leave half way through class and I told him that something important might be taught... he was right, I was wrong... we should have run for the hills when the door was open.

Anyway... enough of prenatal classes... we replaced the camera today and here's my latest belly shot...

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 22 weeks 5 days

This is actually the post that should have happened on April 8 (19 weeks , 4 days) but my co-worker who has the scanner decided to go on vacation (very rude) and I just got them scanned today.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 22 weeks 2 days

Had my latest prenatal appointment today. I was sooo scared about climbing onto that scale. My diet has been... frivolous at best... if I wanted it... I had it... My son is going to be born looking for a Big Mac and a chocolate soft serve ice cream. I have never been a pop (soda) drinker but I have consumed more pop in the past month than I usually do over an entire year. I was sure I was DOOMED.

I am up another 3 lbs... total of 21 lbs over 22 weeks... I'm very proud... we celebrated with a Big Mac Combo.

Overall I'm doing well... my TSH (thyroid) is 2.41 (perfect). My blood pressure is 116/74. My uterus should be measuring to my belly button... and it is. My serum testing (for genetic disorders) came back negative. My ultrasound shows my due date as my original due date. The baby's heart beat is 148. All is good...

I'm waiting anxiously for 2 more weeks when the baby is at 24 weeks. At 24 weeks, the baby is "viable" which means if something really horrible happens, he could survive outside of me. We don't want that but it's a nice safety net.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 21 weeks, 4 days - The Naming Game

I apparently have no understanding of the intricacies of naming a new person. Every name that I have presented has been shot down for various reasons too common, too weird, too apt to have the child beaten up, can be shortened to an unfortunate nickname.

I have decided I will not be naming our son. Cory must come up with the name. I have reserved the power of Veto.

Cory and his co-worker, Dave have spent literally days searching the Internet and compiling lists of potential boy names... I wish I could find the list... but here are few of the highlights...
  • Ace
  • Gage
  • Sage
  • Grayden
  • Conor
  • Brock
  • Blaze
  • Moon
  • Shadow
  • many many more...

I really like Grayden but Cory has removed it from the list as it will be shortening to Gray and that would make the child too old...

I like Conor but it is a touch too common...

I like Brock but Cory has decided he is uncertain about that one...

I have Veto'd the rest... Cory has decided that looking at names is no longer fun and has given up (for the time being anyways)

At this point our son will be named "Baby Boy"... this might give him a hard time once he becomes an adult but it is original. I don't know anyone named Baby Boy...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 21 weeks 1 day

I have never been a person who remembers dreams. Pregnancy seems to have changed that for me... last night I dreamed that my teeth were rotting out of my head. I could even feel the tooth fragments in my mouth when I woke up. Horrifying!! In my dream, I went to the dentist who seemed unconcerned about my situation. Even more horrifying!!

With the fresh memory, I did a little research on the possible meaning of this nightmare... apparently dreaming that your teeth are rotting and falling out is one of the most common nightmares.

As a common nightmare, it has a ton of possible meanings...
  1. Feeling insecure about your physical appearance and how others perceive you.
  2. Feeling fear of being embarrassed (seems the same as #1)
  3. Feeling powerless... teeth are used to tear and chew... without teeth, you lose your primal weapon.
  4. Biblically it means that you are putting more faith in the word of man instead of the word of God.
  5. Greek culture says it is an indication that a family member is sick or dying.
  6. Chinese culture says it is a sign that you are telling lies.

And my favorite.

Loosing your teeth is a sign of money coming. This is root of the tooth fairy fable.

I'm sure that I am feeling insecure about my appearance... I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. I love my pregnant belly. It's smooth, all one color (no dark line, no stretch marks) but I check every day for those nasty stretch marks that I will ruin my perfectly smooth and uniform belly.

I've quickly discovered that being pregnant is all about being powerless. My list of "Don't" is longer than my "Do's" list. I eat, not out of hunger, but out of responsibility. I need others to complete little tasks for fear of injury. I found trimming my toe nails an almost impossible task... next time, I won't be able to do it myself. The list goes on....

I'm not a religious person so I always put more faith in the word of man over the word of God.

I don't think anyone in the family is sick or dying... but my family does have a history of exceptional secret keeping...

I tend to be honest but I will keep my personal opinions to myself if I determine they would be unnecessarily hurtful... that means I need to tell "white lies" from time to time to spare feelings.

Money coming... well I haven't done my taxes yet... it could go either way on that front. Maybe the dream is an indication that I will be lucky in the Revenue Canada Lottery. This is the one I'm hoping for...

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 21 weeks, 0 days

Today was Super Saturday Puppy Walk. We took Theo to the NB Trail and ran the shine off of him... We brought the camera and took some shots... then we dropped the camera on the ground and now have a "Lens Error" when we power it on... On the bright side it let me offload the pictures... I realised it has been a while since I've offloaded it when I found this picture...

There was a smart ass picture I took of my belly a couple of weeks ago...

And here I am today....

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 19 weeks, 4 days

Ultrasound Day!!

Unlike my Ultrasound at 12 weeks, this one required a full bladder. One hour prior to my appointment, I was instructed to drink one liter of water in a 10 minute span. I like drinking water when I am thirsty but once the thirst is quenched... water loses its appeal... FAST. I still managed to choke it back in 9 minutes. By the time we got to the hospital, I needed to pee!

So, we got to our appointment and promptly waited... did I mention I needed to Pee?? While I did my pee pee dance, I read some wall signs. For some reason this hospital does not allow dad's to come in while the actual measurements are being taken but after the tech is done, Dad's can come in and have a quick overview. The hospital also does not allow video cameras.... BOO!

There was one sign that said they will not discuss gender but directly underneath that was a letter dated April 8, 2008 that says that they will now reveal gender provided that determining gender does not lengthen the time of the appointment. Local rumor on this decision was that all their ultrasound patients were requesting to go to the next available hospital that would reveal gender. Guess it was a business decision... got to love capitalism.

So, I finally got to go in and have my full bladder pressed on repeatedly. I asked why this ultrasound needed a full bladder while the last one didn't... He told me that the 12 week ultrasound was for the doctor to see the baby... he needed to see the cervix and placenta, that needs the bladder to be full to push it towards the front. That makes sense... So he took his pictures and eventually said that Cory could come in and he would tell us the gender. YAY!

All the time that he was taking his pictures, the baby laid still.... soon as Cory walked into the room and spoke, the baby started to bounce! "Daddy's Here!!"

The tech said that he had a hard time confirming the gender as the baby was on its back but then he showed us the umbilical cord and just below that was a... protuberance... like a penis. Pretty sure it's a boy! He gave himself a margin of error of 20% as the baby was laying on his back. but it pretty much falls in line with what everyone was guessing.

Now we have to come up with a boys name that falls under the following criteria according to Cory...

  1. Cannot rhyme with a dirty word or a word that could become dirty
  2. Cannot result in initials that makes a bad word.
  3. Will not result in the child being beaten up for having it as their name.
  4. Cannot be common yet cannot be so obscure that they are picked on for having it.

He has rejected Kieran, Declan and Slayter for one of the many reasons above. I don't think I understand the rules...


PS... I have an update on the vaginal speculum story. Cory's aunt asked her doctor and came back with an answer. Apparently the size of the speculum is determined by your physical size. The doctor revealed that she had a patient who was in excess of 500 lbs and she required an XL speculum... (HOW BIG DO THEY COME??)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 19 weeks 2 days

I'm a little slack this week with my weekend blog entry. BUT I have some exciting news! I have now officially felt the baby move. It's been happening for a while but I was undetermined what it was for sure, now I'm positive. Everyone tried to describe it as little gas bubbles or a flutter but the best description I can give is someone tickling me with their nails but on the inside. Add the little voice saying "let me out" and it is down right creepy. Now that I've identified the feeling, it is happening almost all the time. Doesn't this lil'un sleep?

We had our first prenatal class. We are joined by 14 other couples who are ranging from 6 weeks pregnant to 32 weeks. It's the last series of classes until the fall so everyone is jammed in there.

The class... well, I feel that should preface these next statements with... Cory and I are cut the fluff learners. We don't want to spread out the joy of sitting in uncomfortable chairs learning redundant or irrelevant material. Give us the facts, answer a few questions and send us on our merry way. We do not require games to learn or *shudder* role playing. We can absorb a lot of information very quickly. Basically, Git'R'Done!

Back to the class. For the 8 week course, it is a bargain low price of $35. No complaints on the price. So one could say, each class is valued at $4.38 for 2 hour session. On the way home, we tried to determine what new items we had learned... We had a introduction game... I remember absolutely no names, so I didn't learn anything there... We learned how to tell if a baby was born to a smoker by appearance... kinda cool but no application in my life.... Most of the other stuff was long learned via the internet... but we came out with one gem... one useful item that neither of us knew... something that will impact our purchasing decisions...

Tums are better for the baby than Rolaids... Ta Da... 2 hours and $4.38 later... and to think I'm giving this away for free!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 18 Weeks, 1 day

Other than the fall, this week was pretty unfantastic, pregnancy wise. Still having loads of round ligament pain especially when I roll over in bed. It also seems to kick up when I "overextend" myself... extra long puppy walks, carrying laundry... I have my next prenatal appointment tomorrow for my monthly check up and 10 more days til my next ultrasound.

On my normal life front, we observed Earth Hour last night. A friend came over and we played "Master Labyrinth". The first time Cory and I played this game, I can recall the game being so difficult that I feared I was going to stroke out trying to plan my next move. We had never played with 3 people and it was the first time for our friend. It doesn't improve in difficult by candlelight. We had a good time, the game lasted longer than the hour and, of course, I won the title of Master Wizard!

The Weather has finally taken a turn for the better. The glacier on my lawn is receding and we chipped all the ice out of half of the driveway. One of my bushes in the garden doesn't appear to have made it through the winter. It's looking a bit crushed and stinks to high heavens. The front garden took a lot of moved snow... I am thinking it might have to be removed and grass seeded, but that depends on my energy level and enthusiasm. (read: not bloody likely unless Cory does it.) Mount Poop has to be addressed first I guess although Cory took a big chunk out of it today until the bag broke. Ewwwwwww!!

This week I'm on the 3 PM to midnight shift. I like being able to sleep in but it sucks to not see Cory for almost a whole week. He is working 9-5 so other than meal breaks, it's a lonely week. Fortunately I only do these once every 8 weeks....

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 17 weeks 3 days

I am as graceful as a dump truck lately. Yesterday I fell. Actually I did very little falling and a whole lot of hitting... I have never fallen so fast in all my life.

I was walking to the car and hit a piece of ice, before I even realized I was slipping, I was down. From the points of damage, I have a nice deep bruise forming below my left knee cap and above my right knee cap. I apparently grabbed the car on the way down and almost pulled my left shoulder out of my socket and the laptop I was carrying jammed into my left ribs. I think my heels hit my bum cause that's sore too.

I couldn't completely identify how I fell so I called the prenatal clinic just to touch base with how hard to too hard to fall. I didn't hit my belly but I went down HARD. They asked me to come in for a non-stress test. At 17 weeks, this means they check for a heart beat.

We got the heart beat almost immediately. At 140 beats per minute, the Nurse is calling for a boy.... 14 more days til that is confirmed. The doctor did a brief examination. Everything looks OK but as the doctor said at 17 weeks if the pregnancy was damaged, there is nothing that they can do. After 24 weeks, the story changes as the baby is viable at that point.

So I spent the evening wallowing in my aches and pains, paranoid about every little cramp or twinge. Expecting to find spotting every time I went to the bathroom... rough night.

I am going to be so much more careful. The physical pain of the fall is far out shadowed by the fear of damaging the baby. If I'm this clumsy at 17 weeks, I can't wait to see the gracefulness of me at 38 weeks...