Sunday, 28 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 31 weeks, 1 day

9 weeks left until my due date... why is it always so hot outside?? I'm really starting to understand why everyone looked at me with sympathy when they discovered my due date was at the end of the summer.

Cory and I started watching the Laugh and Learn about Childbirth. We have watched the first 2 segments. I have to say that they really oversold themselves on the Laugh part. I've smirked once or twice but laugh... not so much... I am finding it extremely informative though. It is running at a nice solid pace.

I am finding it more comfortable to "practice breathing" with only Cory as an audience. He is really good at the Hee Hee breathing... which would be great if he was the one who would need to do it... I, on the other hand, become light headed 35 seconds into it. Cory is trying hard to coach me but I think, at this late date, it would be best if he gave birth instead of me. He has a much better grasp of the concepts than I do.

Journey, our new addition, is coming along nicely. She is quickly learning new commands although her house training is a little suspect. We have been working on that. She now makes it through the night without an accident. Last night she was intertwined in a cat while she slept, so she has been almost completely accepted. I guess size does matter.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 30 weeks, 2 days

Prenatal appointment today... my last monthly one for the pregnancy. I am now seeing them every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then once a week until delivery. That makes it seem like it's coming soon.

My blood pressure has been my crowning glory for my pregnancy. Once again, I clocked in at 120/70... I am very consistent. Connor's heartbeat has also stayed consistently in the 140's bpm.

My urine was full of sugary goodness... which I was told is a bad thing... they are happy with the blood sugar levels in the 5's but not so happy with the 7's. Supper seems to be my downfall meal, so Cory is revamping his meal plans.

I gained another 6 lbs over the last month, putting my weight gain at 33 lbs for the pregnancy. I was originally trending for 40 lbs but I think I may surpass that :(

Last night, I downloaded a "How to have a baby" movie... it is supposed to be everything I would have learned at prenatal class had I continued to attend... should be a good time! It's called "Laugh and Learn about childbirth". Wish us luck! I'll have a full review upon completion.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

New Addition

Introducing our latest addition... Journey. She is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier... all of maybe 7 lbs. She's been here for 36 hours and has already assumed ownership of.. well... all she can see!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 30 weeks, 0 days

Greetings from the land of gestational diabetes. Boooooo

Well, I'm not actually diagnosed with gestational diabetes but I had some slightly elevated glucose results so now I'm testing my blood sugar 4 times a day and watching my diet. No more afternoon cookies :(

So my blood sugar targets are less than 5.3 prior to breakfast and less than 6.7 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and supper... After supper last night I was 7.3 (ooops), this morning was 5.9 (double oooops) and 2 hours after breakfast I was 5.3 (w00t). I have to say that I was hungry from breakfast to lunch though... Lunch was pretty big and I felt full afterwards, I'm just waiting another hour before I can test. I'm hoping to find a balance between good blood sugar and my happiness. If I can't control it with diet, I get to have insulin... ick.

With only 7-12 weeks left, I can suck it up. I'm really gonna miss my ice cream cones :'(

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Adventures in Pregnancy - 28 Weeks, 1 day

Welcome to my Third Trimester! 86 Days to Due Date!!

Well, I have this feeling I'm going to be having Connor (we finally named him) early though... someone take note and see if mother instinct has any place at all. If I follow my mother's pregnancies, I'll still be pregnant in October. She cooked us good with 43 weeks and 47 weeks.

I have been saying that I will go early due as it would be ironic. The local hospital is not currently set up for epidurals, however, they will be in September. If I go early, I lose the option. But I keep dreaming that we are having an early birth... so let's see if that has any credence.

Yesterday, we introduced Theo to the next door neighbours 11 month old daughter. I have been very apprehensive of his reaction to little people. You always hear stories of good dogs going bad with a new baby. One of my co-workers had a baby a few weeks ago and their dog is now muzzled based on his reaction to the interloper. Theo licked her face, her ears, her arms... basically covered her with drool. He was very gentle and when he started to get too excited (he is still a puppy) he settled down as soon as he was told. I'm very very very proud of him.

I've learned a few pregnancy lessons this week. Allergy season is in full bloom for me, so I sneeze a lot. I have learned that although I am still master of my bladder, however sneezing is my bladders revenge for overfilling it. We have come to an agreement that I will not overfill my bladder during day light hours and my bladder will not force me to change my clothing. During Nighttime hours, I can still ignore it in exchange for sleep. I am dreaming about peeing a lot more lately though...

Oh yeah, I almost completely forgot... I failed my one hour glucose challenge test. Started the test with a blood sugar of 5.1 and after one hour I was at 9.1. So on Friday, I completed the 2 hour glucose tolerance test. I started with a fasting blood sugar of 5.9, they took three vials of blood from me at one hour intervals... should have the results later this week. Fingers crossed for negative on gestational diabetes...